Other Than ICFRE Projects – Completed Projects

Sl. No. Project title Project ID No Name of P.I. Project Duration Total Budget as per project documents(In Lacs) Funding Agency

Socio-economic aspects & demonstrations and plantations

IFP-008/UNDP/19993-2001 Sh. G. K. Prasad & Dr. D.K. Ghosh 1993-1999 5.26 UNDP

Planting stock improvement programme- component of the World Bank aided project under FREEP

IFP/001/FREEP/94-2000 Dr. D.K. Ghosh 1994-2000 115.90 World Bank

Schleichera oleosa (Lour.) Oken, a lac host: in vitro propagation                           

IFP-020/BGT- 4/ DBT / 2003-2006 Dr. Animesh Sinha Scientist -C 2003 – 2006 9.91 DBT

Creation of Medicinal Plants Gardens in different Agro-climatic zones in Eastern Himalayas for Demonstration and Distribution of Planting Materials to the Farmers

IFP-027/EBC – 3/NMPB/2004-07 Shri S. K. Pal, DCF 2004 - 2007 15.00 NMPB

Development of bio-aesthetic habitat by Central Coalfields Limited over a 5-hectare company’s land at Ranchi.

IFP-021/FMS – 2/CCL/2003-2008 Core team of IFP, Ranchi 2003-08 17..91 CCL

Identification, Collection and Genetic Improvement of important oil yielding trees of Jharkhand.

IFP-028/BGT – 6/NABARD/2005-08 Dr. B. N. Divakara Scientist - B 2005 – 2008 6.65 NABARD

Documentation and inventorization of Indigenous traditional medicinal knowledge of Jharkhand

IFP-033/EBC – 4/NMPB/2005-09 Dr. Malabika Ray Scientist D 2005 - 2009 7.00 National Medicinal Plants Board, New Delhi

Documentation and inventorization of indigenous Traditional Medicinal Knowledge of Jharkhand

IFP-047/EBC – 6/NMPB/2008-10 Dr. Malabika Ray Scientist D 2008 - 2010 7.75 National Medicinal Plants Board, New Delhi.

Preparation of EIA/EMP alongwith Catchment Area Treatment Plan, Hydrological and drainage studies for diversion of 1388.50 ha. forest land for Iron Ore mining in Ankua Iron Ore Deposits in Jharkhand

2008-2010 Bidded by ICFRE Jindal Steel Works

Establishment of medicinal plants garden and propagation centre in Chottanagpur Plateau for conservation and production of quality planting material for promotion of ex-situ cultivation

IFP-048/FMS – 10/NMPB/2008 - 2011 Dr. Sanjay Singh, Scientist - D 2008 - 2010 18.00 National Medicinal Plants Board, New Delhi

Up-scaling Livelihood of Forest Communities through enhanced farm productivity and efficient support systems in Godda district of Jharkhand

2009-2013 22.22 ICAR, NAIP

Multi-locational trail of Jatropha curcas in different agro-climatic zones and study of agronomic practices

IFP-063/BGT – 16/ DBT/ 2010 -2013 Dr. A. Sinha, Scientist - D 2010 - 2013 32.50 DBT