Extension Division

Agroforestry and Extension is an integral and extremely important part of any development activity and the success of any project or technology developed solely depends upon how effectively it has been made available to the target users. Unless the technology or product developed is reached among end-users, it is of no use. Since its inception, the extension division has actively involved in the dissemination of knowledge and developed technology among farmers, SFDs, forest-based industries of the region by means of publication, interaction, and training.IMG_0482

The Mandate of the division are:

  • Promotion of Agro-forestry practices in eastern India by introducing promising models and technical support.
  • Development of effective and innovative /extension methodology for dissemination of research findings and technological packages of the institute to stakeholders.
  • Promotion and facilitation of partnerships, networking, and collaborations with other institutions, industries, and organizations.

The Division Team

Dr.Nitin Kulkarni, Director

Shri. S N Vaidya, CTO
Shri. B D Pandit, TO

Shri.Suraj Kumar,STA

For further details please contact:

Extension Divison
Institute Of Forest Productivity
NH 23, Gumla Road, Lalgutwa,
Ranchi-835303. (Jharkhand)
Email: dir_ifp@icfre.org, extensionifpranchi@gmail.com
Phone: 0651-2526143, 7488167591 (M)