Forest Physiology & Molecular Biology Division

The division addresses productivity enhancement of indigenous forestry species through physiological and molecular interventions. The division has all infrastructural facilities for advanced research including two well equipped laboratories. Molecular Biology Laboratory and Physiology and Biochemistry Laboratory; mist chambers and other vegetative propagation facilities; Lead Garden for conservation of RET species; Aus-Upvan: Herbal Garden of > 200 species registered under Herbal Garden Network of India and Interpretation Centre for conservation of RET species. The division conducts regular training programmes for graduate and postgraduate level students apart from providing analytical and consultancy services to stakeholders.

The Mandate of the division are:

  • Physio-biochemical screening and selection of genotypes/populations for enhanced productivity and suitability in diverse environmental scenarios.
  • Inter- and intra-specific molecular diversity in indigenous and commercially important species.
  • Association mapping and marker assisted selection of economically important traits.
  • Investigations on physio- molecular mechanism of adventitious rhizogenesis.

Thrust area IV- Forest Genetic Resource Management and Tree Improvement

  • Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) marker discovery to resolve Bambusa tulda-longispiculata – nutans-teres complex in bamboo taxonomy. – PI- Dr. Sanjay Singh, Scientist-F, 4 yrs (2016-20)
  • Chemical and genetic diversity of Moringa oleifera for value addition in eastern India as food supplement – PI- Dr. Sanjay Singh, Scientist-F, 3 yrs (2016-19)
  • Standardization of clonal propagation technique for mass multiplication and ex situ conservation of Limonia assidisima L. – – PI- Sh. R. S. Prasad, ACTO, 3 yrs (January, 2017-2020)

The Division Team

Shri. R.S. Prasad, ACTO
Shri. Suraj Kumar, TA-Cat-II
Shri. J. N. Mahata, Nursery Attendent

For Further details please contact:

Institute Of Forest Productivity
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Ranchi-835303. (Jharkhand)
Phone: 0651-2526143 (O) 91-9430366286 (M)