Cyber Security: Need to share responsibility as a user.

The increasing use of computers in our day to day activities including banking, travel reservation, education, entertainment, social networking and other fields, we store and share lot of personal information on our system as well as over net. The average computer connected to internet can easily be compromised. Cyber security deals with the protecting these information from various possible threats including phishing scams, spywares and other online vulnerabilities. Organizations do make policies and take lot of efforts like configuring firewalls, antivirus system and other such systems for the protection of information. But still the lot of information is breached. Therefore, it is important that we understand the risk and take proper precautions to protect our information. Some of the steps that we can take to help protect our information are: 1. Always use updated antivirus system. 2. Do not open the emails from untrusted sources. 3. Use strong passwords and keep changing them regularly. 4. Keep your computer operating system properly updated. 5. Always keep backup of your sensitive data. 6. Do not provide your PIN or Code to any sources. 7. Properly follow the security policies applied by your organization.

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