About Us

Institute of Forest Productivity is a premier forestry research institute under Indian Council of Forestry Research & Education (ICFRE), catering to the forestry research needs in the states of Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal. Since coming into existence in 1993, the institute has taken up a number of initiatives in the field of forestry and allied sciences through research projects and extension programmes, for the benefit of diverse category of stakeholders including tribal farmers, NGOs, State Forest Department, and forestry based institutes. The institute has established itself as a major player for providing forestry oriented solutions to different category of users in the region. The institute has specially established its technical expertise in Lac cultivation and over the years number of tribal farmers have been immensely benefited by the various extension activities  run by the institute for the socio economic upliftment of the tribal.

The Institute has well established soil testing lab, molecular biology lab, tree physiology and tissue culture lab, chemistry of forest produce lab and forest entomology lab. All these labs are well maintained and equipped with modern sophisticated equipments.

In the past Institute has developed a botanical garden “Aus Upvan”- Regional Medicinal Garden for Chhotanagpur and a Bambusetum with species. Ministry of Environment and Forests, New Delhi has recognised Institutes botanical garden as a Lead garden in Jharkhand.

Thrust Areas

  • Managing Forests and Forest Products for Livelihood Support & Economic Growth .
  • Biodiversity Conservation and Ecological Security.
  • Forest Genetic Resource Management & Tree Improvement



Institute Of Forest Productivity

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