भा.वा.अ.शि.प. परियोजनाएं- चल रही परियोजनाएं


क्रम संख्या परियोजनाओं का नाम अवधि कुल बजट
1 Genetic improvement and conservation of Chironji (Buchnania cochinchinensis Lour) in Central and Eastern India.[PI- Shri. Sanjeev Kumar, Scientist-E] 2018-2021 15.92 Lakh
2 Genetic improvement of Pterocarpus  marsupium  Roxb through germplasm collection and conservation in eastern India [PI- Dr. Yogeshwar Mishra, Scientist- G] 2019-2024 24.34 Lakhs
3 Germplasm evaluation of Cinnamomum tamala and development of appropriate agro-techniques for higher productivity in sub- himalayan tracts of Darjeeling District. [P.I- Sh. P. C. Lakra, DCF] 2019-2023 17.68 Lakhs
4 Collection, conservation and evaluation of Melia dubia germplasm from North  Bengal, Odisha Hills and other parts of India for identification and release of superior clones.[P.I- Dr. Aditya Kumar, Scientist- D] 2013-2018

& 2019-2022

35.12 Lakhs
5 A Study on Distribution and Vegetative Propagation of Cinnamomum Glaucescens (Malagiri) an Important Forestry Tree Species of West Bengal. [PI-Sh. P.C.Lakra] 2020-2023 11.25


6 Genetic Improvement and Conservation of Raktan (Lophopetalum wightianum Arn.) in North Bengal.[PI – Sh. Sanjeev Kumar, Scientist-E] 2020-2025 26.89


7 Development of Productive Clones and Economic Evaluation of Poplar Based Agroforestry for North Bihar.[PI – Sh. Aditya Kumar, Scientist-D] 2020-2025 54.25


8 Genetic Evaluation of Schleichera oleosa CPTs for oil and oil yielding traits.[PI: Dr. Animesh Sinha, Scientist-F] 2021-2024 29.66 Lakhs
9 Varietal development of Flemingia semialata and Flemingia macrophylla used for lac cultivation from identified genotypes through progeny evaluation and mass selection.[PI – Sh. Aditya Kumar, Scientist-D] 2021-2026 30.00


10 Documentation and assessment of plant diversity of Sacred Groves of major tribes in Jharkhand.[PI: Ms. Ruby S. Kujur, Scientist-C] 2021-2024 19.97 lakhs